ORCHIDJOBS is institute of training and development selected by personnel knowledge ability. There is potential in various areas increased by a specialist through the experience in training about training staff to organizations. Beginning with the analysis of curriculum development and training activities up to suit for each organization to satisfy the need. In the development of staff and preparation before work or work adjustment. In order to help the organization get a professional candidate from us.

Process of analysis and curriculum

1. Specialist team will meet to discuss information about the issues that clients face or what to expect from the training this time.
2. Specialist team will understand the corporate culture and the way of the customer's organization.
3. Specialist team will give evaluation of curriculum in order to present to the customer.
4. Training to employees under the prescribed curriculum.
5. Specialist team meeting to talk with staff after the training to analyze and do the assessment.
6. Assess the training of employees to customers.